Dating in 2021: Honesty Over Ghosting

Single people have found themselves in a difficult position during the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing eliminating many opportunities to meet new people, many people have had to adapt to virtual dating. However, this trend may persist even after social distancing measures are lifted. According to Logan Ury, director of relationship science at Hinge, virtual dates are low-pressure, help to assess chemistry, and can facilitate deep, meaningful conversations. In fact, over half of Hinge users have said that they will continue to use virtual dates after the pandemic, and a significant number of users would even enter an exclusive relationship with someone they met through virtual dating.

Despite this, many people are still looking forward to returning to in-person dating in 2021. Over half of Hinge users are feeling optimistic about their dating lives this year, and many are planning on going on more dates. However, they are also becoming more selective about who they choose to spend time with. Users are being more honest with their feelings, and more than four-fifths of them are being more selective because they don’t want to waste their time. One silver lining of the pandemic is that people are having difficult conversations earlier in their relationships. This can include discussions about COVID-19 safety precautions, which 38% of users plan to discuss before meeting up with someone in person. There are also new deal-breakers for people to consider, including a match’s stance on mask-wearing.

According to Ury, the decline of ghosting is another positive shift in dating habits. People are becoming more intentional and empathetic in their dating lives, leading to a 27% decrease in ghosting. If you’re looking to get back into the dating pool in 2021, Hinge recommends that you include a mixture of vulnerability and humor in your profile. You should also include a variety of photos that feature your face, full body, and favorite hobbies, while avoiding pictures of yourself at the gym.