The Dangers of No-Fault Evictions in the UK


Critical Overview: The Dangers of No-Fault Evictions in the UK No-fault evictions have been a common practice in the UK for years, leading to numerous cases of homelessness and housing insecurity. These evictions allow landlords […]

Biden Approves Implementation of Drone Tracking Technology


The Biden administration recently released the “Domestic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems National Action Plan”, calling on Congress to authorize more law enforcement agencies to access drone tracking systems. The White House’s proposal aims to expand the […]

Escalation of Conflict: Latest Developments in Ukraine War


A Russian ammunition depot located near the Ukrainian border was engulfed in flames overnight, while local officials reported that a series of explosions had occurred across three Russian provinces on the border. Belgorod regional governor, […]


Abortion in Northern Ireland: Politics and Law at Odds

Critical Overview: An Examination of Abortion Reform in Northern Ireland The history of abortion reform in Northern Ireland has been a contentious issue. In 2019, the UK Parliament passed the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc.) […]


Boris Johnson Declares War on Cancel Culture

Critical Overview: The UK government plans to address the issue of cancel culture by introducing the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill. The legislation aims to ensure free and open debate on university campuses in […]

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The UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, disconnected from the reality

by content editor in News Comments Off on The UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, disconnected from the reality

Critical Overview: The UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has faced criticism from industry leaders who accuse her of being disconnected from the reality of the short-staffed labour sectors. Braverman’s comments were made at a National [...]

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