Unveiling a hidden gem of London’s music scene: The Holywell Collective

Author: Anastaseea (Anastasia Gouli)

Author IG: https://www.instagram.com/itsanastaseea/

Photographer: Richard Mukuze

Based in the heart of Shoreditch, the Holywell Collective is a unique community that has become a haven for independent musicians and artists. The collective was founded in 2022 by BlindBuyer (Konstantinos Malliaris), Miss X (Aleksandra Giersz), Jennings Couch, and Audioxologist (Steven Villacis), with a mission to provide an intimate space for artists to showcase their talent and to network with one another.

Each month, the collective hosts events with live music, bringing together artists from different genres, from dark electronic pop to sensual RnB. The venue is tucked away in a small space, and offers a friendly and warm ambiance. As you step inside, you see an old piano, framed art, and shelves adorned with plants and piles of well-worn books, with a small performance area on the other side of the room. Descending into the lower level of the venue, you discover a modern studio, equipped with recording and photo facilities, and a cozy seating area. Before and after the live music, many musicians spend time here, some of them often sitting at the computer and playing their original tracks. 

Spending time here, it’s evident that Holywell Collective offers more than networking and live music. So, after attending one of their events in May, I had the chance to speak to Miss X on the phone, to find out more about their ambitions and plans for the future. She explained that over the next six months, the collective is set to transform into a one-stop solution for independent artists. Assistance with branding, songwriting, production and photoshoots will be some of the resources available for artists on a subscription-based model, with the aim of supporting them at every step of their creative journey. 

To gain a more detailed insight into what goes on behind the scenes, I had the chance to interview BlindBuyer and Miss X, after their event on 9/06:

*note: the correct spelling is Aleks, not Alex

What sets the Holywell Collective apart from others is its unwavering commitment to fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Artists are not merely individuals showcasing their talents; they are part of a greater whole, a network of creative minds working together to elevate each other’s art. 

As the Holywell Collective continues to grow, you can find out more about them here:


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