Story №4

My personal inspirational leader, that fancy blogger from Nantes, got up really early this morning. She was active, slim, and adored pear spiced latte in October, mint latte in April, yet drank only black coffee […]


Story №1

PR was tough love these days. Yes, you most certainly could get anyone to do anything and everything for you, yet it was hard to make one a celebrity. Laura knew that her colleagues always […]


Biden to Green Lights Drone Tracking Tech

[SOURCE:] A White House plan asks Congress to ‘expand the set of tools and actors who can protect against’ drones President Biden’s administration called for Congress’s help in letting more law enforcement agencies access […]


Ukraine War

[SOURCE:] A Russian ammunition depot near the border with Ukraine caught fire overnight, as local authorities said a series of blasts had struck three Russian provinces on the border. Vyacheslav Gladkov, Belgorod regional governor, […]


Updates on UK Crime

[SOURCE:] Spiking victims are too often brushed off as having had “one too many” which means the crime is under-reported, an investigation by MPs has found. A belief that police in England and Wales […]


UK Cost of Living

[SOURCE:] Millions of families are facing a “year of the squeeze” in 2022, a think tank has warned. The Resolution Foundation predicts higher energy bills, stagnant wages and tax rises could leave households with […]


Croydon Council Labour Group Fined

[SOURCE:] A Croydon Council’s Labour group have been fined £14k by the Electoral Commission, after the council’s, leader planned to break the strict laws on election spending ahead of October 7’s borough-wide referendum over […]