Never-ending misfortunes: Toshiba stuck in the news cycle from hell

SOURCE: EMBATTLED Toshiba has had a rather terrible week following previously reported news the Japanese government would not be extending a helping hand to save them from falling share prices and bankrupting nuclear power businesses. Since the […]


Smart homes are back on the agenda in the UK

SOURCE: Consumers in the UK are once again starting to see the appeal of smart home-related technology and it’s not just about smart TVs. Research firm GfK released the results of its latest annual […]


Widely Used Wireless Technologies for IoT Applications

SOURCE: The Internet of Things is a common term in the tech world; however, it is rarely heard among the general population. Although we are all impacted and influenced by IoT technology, a large […]


How Next-Gen Consoles Are Influencing PC Gaming

SOURCE: As PC gamers, we’ll forgive you if the arrival of next-gen gaming consoles hasn’t got you as excited as the recent hardware launches from Nvidia and AMD. But, there are some pretty good […]


New alliances to beef up investments in microchips and cloud technologies

SOURCE: The European Commission launched two alliances bringing together industry, member states and other organisations to co-invest in semiconductor and cloud and edge computing, in a move designed to reduce reliance on foreign technologies. […]


What Is Wetware in Computing and Biology?

SOURCE: Wetwear, which stands for wet software, has come to mean a few different things over the years but it usually refers to the mixture of software, hardware, and biology. The word originally referred to […]