Wireless Technologies Widely Used for IoT Applications


Critical Overview: IoT Wireless Technology The Internet of Things (IoT) is a ubiquitous term in the tech world, although, the majority of the non-tech populace remains unaware of their connection with it. IoT technology connects […]

UK High Street Lost 11,000 Shops in 2020


Critical Overview: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the retail sector in Great Britain has been significant, with over 11,000 outlets permanently closing their doors in 2020. Independent retailers and villages fared better than […]

ICA’s History and Impact


Critical Overview The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) holds an esteemed place in the pantheon of London’s cultural institutions. Established in 1946 by a group of prominent art figures including Geoffrey Grigson, Roland Penrose, Herbert […]


Unpacking the latest remote working trends

Critical Overview The COVID-19 pandemic, which started in 2020, significantly impacted the global economy and forced many governments to institute massive quarantines, resulting in companies shifting to flexible or remote work setups. Consequently, remote work […]


Johnny Depp Likens Himself to Quasimodo Amid Ongoing Legal Battles and Public Scrutiny on His Personal Life

Examining Johnny Depp’s Testimony in the Amber Heard Trial Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, is currently engaged in a lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The lawsuit, which was filed in 2019, accuses [...]
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England out of lockdown: “I want to dance” says public, but at what cost?

by content editor in Home Comments Off on England out of lockdown: “I want to dance” says public, but at what cost?

Critical Overview: The British government has lifted all pandemic restrictions in England, including rules on mask-wearing and social distancing, amid warnings from scientists that this move will further fuel an already surging pandemic and risk [...]

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