Chris Smalls Emerges as a Leading Voice in the Future of Labor, Advocating for Workers’ Rights and Fair Treatment in Corporate America


Critical Overview: Chris Smalls is the leader of the Amazon Labor Union, an organization that emerged as a response to Amazon’s fiercely anti-union stance. Smalls, along with his friend and co-organizer Derrick Palmer, managed to […]

Exploring the Undercurrents of the Gig Economy: Uncovering the Dark Side of Flexible Work Arrangements and Its Impact on Workers’ Well-being


Critical Overview: According to a new report by Gig Workers Rising, companies like Lyft and Uber are offering minimal assistance to the families of their employees who have been murdered on the job. The report […]

Marketing copy generated by AI


Critical Overview: The emergence of text-generation technology, specifically GPT-3, has led to a surge in startups offering marketing tools that generate content like blog posts, headlines, and press releases. These companies, including Jasper and ContentEdge, […]


Rapid Advancement of Quantum Computing Technology in 2021

The Global Significance of Quantum Technology: Critical Overview The digital age is characterized by the growing importance of quantum technologies. As the world moves towards further digitalization, a revolution in quantum technology is on the […]


The Guide to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) technology uses computer-aided stimuli to create the immersive illusion of being somewhere else. However, opinions on its potential range from it upending our lives in a way nothing has since the smartphone, […]

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New Alliances Strengthen Investments in Microchips and Cloud Technologies

by content editor in Technology Comments Off on New Alliances Strengthen Investments in Microchips and Cloud Technologies

Critical Overview: The European Commission has launched two initiatives aimed at reducing the EU’s reliance on foreign technologies by bringing together industry, member states and other organizations to co-invest in semiconductor and cloud and edge [...]

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