Which Amazon or Alexa Speaker

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The top smart speakers with Alexa built-in so you can let Amaozn’s voice assistant take charge

The best Alexa speaker enables you to listen to your favorite albums and playlists on music streaming services, as well as access to Amazon’s voice assistant. Ask Alexa to control the playback of music, as well as information such as the latest headlines, the weather, or even recent sports scores, and the best Alexa speakers will oblige, serving up the information you requested audibly.

Many of the best Alexa speakers are made by Amazon – in fact there’s a model to suit every budget and room in your home. From the compact entry-level Echo Dot to the Echo Studio, which is an excellent-sounding speaker that will be right at home in your entertainment set-up.

However, a number of third-party brands including Bose and Sonos also offer some of the top smart speakers with Alexa built-in, on the market right now too. Alongside the best Alexa speakers, Amazon also now offers a range of smart displays. These build on an Alexa speaker with a screen that offers a visual interpretation of the information Alexa serves up.

Whichever Alexa product you opt for, you’ll be able to control an array of compatible smart home devices from different manufacturers at the same time. With just one command, you can ensure your smart lights illuminate, your smart thermostat boosts the temperature a few degrees, and lamps or radios connected to smart plugs and switches turn on automatically, creating a cozy atmosphere without reaching for your smartphone.

The best Alexa speakers can also be used to stay in touch with friends and family through audio, as well as doubling as an intercom for the house.

There are many different models to choose from when it comes to picking the best smart speaker featuring Amazon’s voice assistant for you. We’ve put all of Amazon’s designs to the test, along with those from Bose and Sonos to help you decide which is the best Alexa speaker for you.

If you’re looking for the best Alexa speaker, you’ll be hard pushed to do better than Sonos’ debut smart speaker. Sleek and stylish, this speaker packs a punch when it comes to sound quality, but even though it’s not manufactured by Amazon, it still brings the benefits of Alexa.

On test, we were impressed with the mic array, which ensured our voice was picked up, even from the other side of the room. It laso has both Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port, making it ideal for homes that struggle with a strong wireless internet connection. However, this is an expensive smart speaker when compared to the rest of the market.

If you’re looking for a more portable option, check out the Sonos Move, which offers a similar excellent sound quality but also lets you take Alexa on the move.