Rapid Advancement of Quantum Computing Technology in 2021

The Global Significance of Quantum Technology: Critical Overview

The digital age is characterized by the growing importance of quantum technologies. As the world moves towards further digitalization, a revolution in quantum technology is on the horizon. The countries that establish quantum computing technology will enjoy an upper hand in the information processing space for a prolonged period, giving them control and influence over several sectors such as modern manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, the digital economy, logistics, national security, and intelligence. Therefore, it is crucial for countries to increase their awareness and investment in quantum technology.

Quantum Computing and its Potential Risks and Opportunities

The arrival of quantum computers with 1000 qubits is imminent, which carries both the risk of disrupting business operations and global communications and the opportunity to enhance AI and computing workflows. With such immense power, the question arises as to how governments and organizations can ensure that the technology is used for good and not for harm. It is essential to prioritize security measures and ethical considerations in the development and application of quantum technology.

Merger of Leading Quantum Computing Businesses

Two of the leading quantum computing and technology companies have announced a merger, resulting in the creation of an independent entity that will be the largest company in the quantum computing industry when the deal closes in Q3 2021. The merger of the “world’s highest-performing quantum computer” and “the global leader in software” for quantum computing platforms, with an investment of up to US$300 million, highlights the growing significance and potential of the quantum computing industry.

Government Funding for Quantum R&D

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy have committed to funding quantum research and development initiatives over the next five years. The contributions will include the development of a competitive quantum computer and the establishment of the Quantum association. This highlights the growing interest of governments and organizations in quantum technology.

Quantum Encryption Satellites for Network Security

Arqit, a British quantum encryption start-up, has raised $400 million to develop two satellites by 2023 that will support Arqit’s ‘Quantum Cloud’ encryption technology. This technology aims to secure the communication links of networked devices from hacking, including from quantum computers. This development highlights the growing importance of quantum technology in ensuring data security and privacy.


The impending arrival of quantum computers and the growing investment in quantum technology by governments and organizations underscores the significance of quantum technology. While it offers immense opportunities, there are also risks associated with its use. Hence, it is essential to prioritize security measures, ethical considerations, and responsible use of quantum technology.