Passive income: The new hustle in 2022

Critical Overview

The ongoing global pandemic has resulted in countless people all over the world losing their jobs and, subsequently, their sources of income. This has created a clear need for alternative yet reliable income sources, one of which is cryptocurrency. Within the cryptocurrency industry, passive income has become a popular method of earning income through various cryptocurrency assets. However, given the extreme volatility and unpredictability that crypto assets often experience, it is essential to know precisely which projects are worth exploring.

Passive income is defined as any income that requires minimal effort to obtain and maintain. Rental income and other economic operations in which the earner does not engage directly are real-world examples of passive income. Cryptocurrency can be used to generate passive income through various methods, such as yield farming, staking, lending, and more. However, as cryptocurrency prices can dramatically increase or decrease, it is crucial to understand the specifics of a passive income-based crypto initiative before investing.

Is Passive Income Worth It After All?

Among the various projects within the crypto space that provide reliable ways to earn passive income, Cubo Protocol is one that stands out. Cubo Protocol is a node protocol that owns its liquidity and systematically adjusts its supply to maintain a stable yield. It offers a wide variety of nodes, such as ‘Nano,’ ‘Mini,’ ‘Kilo,’ ‘Mega,’ and ‘Giga,’ which allow investors to pick any of these and receive differing returns on their respective investments. Small-scale investors can also save up for a node to participate.

While Cubo Protocol is not the only method for earning passive income in the crypto scene, its small market cap and the fact that KYC via AssureDeFi is already done, along with the price maintaining key support levels during the recent market crash, are all strong indicators that it could be a hidden gem. However, it is vital to conduct thorough research beforehand and to know one’s overall budget and risk appetite before investing.


The global pandemic has resulted in significant economic challenges for individuals worldwide, with many losing their primary sources of income. As a result, passive income has become an increasingly popular method of earning income within the cryptocurrency industry. However, due to the high volatility and unpredictability of crypto assets, it is essential to conduct thorough research before investing in any passive income-based crypto initiative. Cubo Protocol is a promising project within the crypto space that offers a reliable method of earning passive income through its node protocol. Nonetheless, investors should always exercise caution and assess their budget and risk appetite before investing in any project.