2021 Horoscopes Overview

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This Year in Astrology:

2021 Overview Horoscopes

The following are overview horoscopes for the year 2021. For more Cafe Astrology Yearly Horoscopes, see 2021 Full Yearly Horoscopes2021 Preview Horoscopes and 2021 Love Horoscopes.

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Overview of 2021

After an astrologically challenged year, we’re looking forward to rebuilding and improving our quality of life in the year 2021.

The year ahead brings a stronger showing in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn’s now comfortably in the sign, spending all year in Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Jupiter is there as well for much of the year, but it’s dividing its time between Aquarius and Pisces.

Although we have some continuing and developing themes, the year 2021’s astrology feels quite a bit different. Jupiter and Saturn met in Aquarius near the end of 2020, offering us a new practical and hopeful vision of the future that has moved and motivated us to build something important in the present.

As such, we’re coming into the year with humble confidence and the right tools to make improvements.

The North Node traveling through the sign of Gemini helps us recognize the need to work on how we communicate. Jupiter and Saturn in a fellow Air sign reinforce the importance of getting our message out clearlyproductively, and kindly in 2021.

In fact, we’re recognizing where words and messages have failed us in the past, and we’re finding ways to fix, edit, refine, and improve them.

Last year, Jupiter encouraged us to work harder to make things happen. The good news is that we largely found satisfaction and enjoyment in so doing.

This year, Jupiter spends a good part of the time in the sign of Aquarius, and we’re ready and willing to expand our minds, tolerance, and sense of fairness. We do well for ourselves when we consider the needs of others, and we perform at our best when we have freedom of choice and can think outside of the box. We seek social reform and positive, humanitarian action. We value freedom, individuality, fellowship, and group goals and visions.

Last year, Saturn first entered Aquarius on March 21st, began its retrograde on May 11th, 2020, and eventually retreated into Capricorn on July 1st to finish up its transit there. Saturn turned direct again on September 29th, 2020, and then headed into Aquarius once again on December 17th, 2020, not to return to Capricorn for 29 years.

This year, Saturn is in Aquarius all year. Saturn will visit Aquarius until March 2023.

e can look to the Aquarius part of our charts for where we may be focusing our activities, often finding our joy, but also discovering our ambitions and the need to structure, order, organize, and shape up. It’s where we are expanding or improving in some significant manner. There’s a need to refine our approach to these affairs in order to realize these benefits and gains, and with the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius, it’s about improving our connections to others with more organization, control, and practicality without going overboardRead more about Jupiter in Aquarius.

Mind you, with Saturn in Aquarius at the same time, we should be finding a balance between expansion and contraction, aiming to recognize which areas of life require a more generous approach (Jupiter) and which areas require a more rule-conscious, conservative approach (Saturn). Read more about Saturn in Aquarius.

While Jupiter is in Aquarius in 2021 (up until May 13th, 2021, and then from July 28th to December 28th), it forms a square to Uranus and semi-square to Neptune in January, and a semi-square to Chiron in April, August, and November. Essentially, it doesn’t form particularly promising or supportive aspects to the outer planets, although it does interact nicely with the inner planets as is the case for all longer-term sign transits.

Jupiter’s square to Uranus is edgy, rebellious, and tense, but if we work with it, we might use it to make some exciting changes. Its aspects this year suggest we’re wrestling with our expectations, but Saturn in Aquarius can help ground us.

In fact, Saturn’s concurrent transit of Aquarius throughout the time Jupiter is in the sign will help us simplify, although it can also temper our enthusiasm. Saturn does well in Aquarius, largely because Aquarius is one of the signs it rules.

This is a time for checking in with ourselves and the structures of our lives to see if we’re following the rules and meeting our responsibilities. Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries receive stabilizing energy. Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio may initially balk at those things that feel too restrictive. Aquarius gets a bit of both. Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn don’t understand this energy as well as most others and will need to adjust accordingly.

With Saturn in Aquarius, it’s a time of clearing out the deadwood, prioritizing quality over quantity, simplifying, and turning a critical eye to our social lives, friendships, causes, group associations, happiness goals, involvements, contributions, and associates. It’s a great time for technological advances that improve the community and help us connect more effectively. We seek more realistic plans and goals/dreams, and we have a good sense of both the past and future. Ideally, we’re able to put our egos aside to do what’s best for the collective during this period. Read more about the Saturn in Aquarius transit. Note that this article also interprets this transit for each sign.

Jupiter in Aquarius expands our awareness of our place in the community. We aspire to be more inclusive and just, and we’re opening our minds to progress. Our attitudes and values concerning religion, moral conduct, education, and politics are progressive, visionary, and original.

Still, there can be some inflexibility or rigidity with this position. We can be reactive and rebellious rather than progressive. Especially in January when Jupiter and Uranus form a square, we may lack follow-through, living too much in the mind without enough action. We can also be quite erratic with our output, working only when we feel inspired, which isn’t always practical. We should put a more concerted effort and commitment into putting our bright ideas into action.

We feel more grateful for one another, and at the same time, hold on to a spirit of growth and improvement in 2021. It’s a fantastic period in which to improve our social skills. Teaching, mentoring, guiding, and sharing can be satisfying. We see beyond class, religion, and other labels, and we tend to connect with ideas, beliefs, and practices that have a universal nature.

While our material affairs were a strong focus last year, our concern is more with altruistic, humanitarian causes in 2021. It’s a great time to put our egos aside to help one another advance, improve, and thrive. We care much about individuality, but we’re also very interested in what happens to society or the majority.

While we may have been strong on structure last year, we may have come up a bit short with the imagination and risk-taking attitude that would allow us to innovate. This year is an improvement on this level, although we’re not pushing these things, either.

Jupiter is in Aquarius until May 13th, 2021, and then from July 28th to December 28th. Jupiter is in Pisces from May 13th to July 28th, and then from December 28th forward. While my Jupiter in Pisces piece will come out after this article, until then, you might read the article I wrote about Jupiter in Pisces when the transit occurred twelve years ago, as some themes are re-emerging. Update: The current Jupiter in Pisces article is online.

Jupiter will complete its transit of Pisces in 2022, but this year, we’re getting a sneak preview. This transit encourages us to give of ourselves and to embrace compassion and imagination. We attract luck and rich life experiences through our intuition, imagination, and compassion. We’re charitable, and we look out for the underdog. We are more idealistic and perhaps less ambitious in a worldly sense, more motivated to give than receive.

We should watch for escapism, bending personal philosophies or morals to suit the situation, deception and self-deception, restlessness and vague discontent, and unwillingness to face problems or negative situations directly.

Health issues in 2021 can more frequently have to do with poor circulation, rheumatism, and problems with calves, ankles, nerves, and the mind. Electrical injuries, cramping in the lower legs, and ankle injuries are also associated with Saturn in Aquarius. Breathing abnormalities may continue this year. Psychological or mental inclinations that could contribute to health problems include erratic health routines/health care and a tendency to detach ourselves emotionally, perhaps too much. A lower-starch diet, breathing exercises, and special attention to air quality may be appropriate.

Uranus in Taurus continues to shake up our attitude towards money and personal possessions, and it’s a time for bold innovations in these areas. We saw this energy in action last year, and more developments are expected in 2021. We can expect changes to what we value on non-material levels as well, and we’re inclined to value ourselves in new ways through the course of this transit that lasts until April 2026. Uranus doesn’t form major harmonious aspects to the outer planets this year, and instead, form squares to Jupiter and Saturn. As such, we’re likely to battle with changing values and changeable money matters.

Eclipses falling along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis continue this year. It began with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius in June 2020, the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini in November 2020, and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2020. This set sticks around until December 2021. The North Node entered Gemini last year in May, and we’re called upon to develop more attention to detail and care or tact in our communications.

We need to learn to listen to others so that we discover the value of true communication and exchange and to see both sides of a situation instead of throwing out dogma at others. The challenge continues to be to avoid drawing conclusions before gathering enough facts.

While Venus and Mars both turned retrograde in 2020, complicating love and desire, the apparent backward-moving cycles for these planets do not occur in 2021 until Venus turns retrograde on December 19th in the sign of Capricorn. As such, at the tail-end of 2021, Capricorn areas of our charts require some rethinking.

We enter 2021 recovered from a Mars retrograde cycle. The Aries areas of our charts have gone through some tension, and now we feel more refreshed in the associated life departments.

The areas of our charts where we find Taurus can involve some shake-ups, new thinking and approaches, and radical changes in some cases. The areas of our charts where we find Aquarius involve some lessons and strengthening exercises, and they require simplifying and hard (or smarter) work. Still, we receive boosts and blessings in these areas, and we also begin to see some real growth and improvements in Pisces areas. This doesn’t cancel things out; instead, it boosts the pleasure we derive from our firming up and strengthening actions.

Business and Love Trends in 2021

In business in 2021, as with all other areas, there are different themes working concurrently. Saturn in Aquarius is very concerned with our social structures. Jupiter in Aquarius wants us to embrace the progressive. Later, Jupiter in Pisces encourages us to attend to our needs for gentleness, understanding, and compassion. Uranus encourages us to branch out and consider new and improved or progressive ways of doing business.

While Jupiter asks us to grow, expand, and believe, Saturn asks us to simplify, test, and question.

We should also be approaching money in an entirely new way as Uranus transits Taurus all year. We need to deal with money and personal possessions in new ways and learn how to free ourselves from certain material constraints. Innovative ways to make ourselves comfortable emerge and can be an important business focus or trend.

This Uranus theme continues from last year. In 2020, we saw its abrupt changes with money, valuables, possessions, and income that may have resulted in a reshuffling of priorities or values. We’re working with these new variables in 2021. Income might come from non-traditional sources or ventures. We’re bringing progressive ideas to the world of business. New ways of doing business, as well as making, viewing, and handling money are likely. Income and the energy we put into making money can be variable as our values are changing, in general, related to what we make and own.

Concerning love and relationships, we might consider working together or encouraging one another’s long-term goals and ambitions to improve our connections. We’re attracted to people who are progressive, visionary, detached, friendly, and perhaps erratic or trail-blazing. The platonic elements of love relationships become far more important in our minds in 2021.

There’s a revolution happening with Uranus in Taurus, too, and it’s about approaching sexuality and gratification differently. We’re less inhibited about expressing sensuality, self-love, body love, and pampering. We’re challenging what we previously valued and we are embracing a new-age view of the feminine. Women’s “roles” in relationships are revolutionizing this year and in coming years.

In a general sense, friendship and community matters overshadow romantic matters. Nevertheless, there can be some tests to friendships, which can ultimately strengthen those relationships with strong foundations. Long-term compatibility and shared visions or friendships are factors we take into consideration more than usual.

We have a stronger need for communication, freedom, and a feeling of camaraderie in our relationships. Giving our existing partners room to breathe is thus wise. Smothering a partner is not going to be well-received. Tolerance and acceptance themes are reinforced. While Jupiter is in Pisces, we have a stronger belief in a higher power.

We need to work on self-confidence, body image, and our relationship with our independence. Chiron in Aries is certainly a me-oriented transit, but it’s a vital one if we want to bring our whole selves into a relationship.

Taking more interest in one another’s day-to-day lives, reaching out regularly, and extending gestures that show we care or that we listen can be particularly strengthening in 2021. Read more about the general trends expected in love and relationships in 2021.