2021 Horoscope Overview: What to Expect

Astrology for 2021: Overview Horoscopes

As we move into 2021, we leave behind the astrological challenges of the previous year and look forward to rebuilding and improving our lives. The astrology for 2021 promises a stronger showing in the sign of Aquarius with Saturn spending the entire year in this sign, along with Jupiter that will be in Aquarius for most of the year, but also dividing its time with Pisces.

Last year, Jupiter encouraged us to work hard to make things happen, and we found satisfaction in doing so. This year, Jupiter spends a significant part of its time in Aquarius, encouraging us to expand our minds, sense of tolerance and fairness, and think outside the box. We value freedom, individuality, and positive, humanitarian action.

With the North Node traveling through Gemini, we recognize the need to work on how we communicate, while Jupiter and Saturn in a fellow Air sign reinforce the importance of clearly and kindly conveying our message in 2021. We also acknowledge the areas where our past communication has failed us, and we find ways to fix, refine, and improve them.

Saturn in Aquarius all year highlights the need to organize and structure our lives, discovering our ambitions, and focusing our activities to improve and expand in a meaningful way. However, it’s crucial to balance expansion and contraction, recognizing which areas require a more conservative approach (Saturn) and which require a more generous approach (Jupiter).

Although Jupiter does not form promising or supportive aspects to the outer planets this year, its concurrent transit of Aquarius with Saturn will help us simplify and ground ourselves. It’s a time of checking in with ourselves and the structures of our lives to see if we’re following the rules and meeting our responsibilities.

In summary, astrology for 2021 presents opportunities for growth, expansion, and positive change. We value freedom, individuality, and humanitarian action, while recognizing the importance of clear and effective communication. The year brings focus to the areas of our lives that require structure and organization, while balancing expansion and contraction to meet our responsibilities and achieve our goals.