Vlogger Runs every day 850 days

[SOURCE: https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a39806784/running-every-day-850-days-goran-winblad/]

YouTuber Göran Winblad breaks down what he’s learned from running every single day for over two years.

YouTuber Göran Winblad shared a video on his YouTube channel describing his experience of running every single day for a year, sharing the beneficial impact it had on both his mental and physical health. “Even if it’s a short run, just 10 or 20 minutes, I do better work and I can keep focused for so much longer if I’ve had some physical activity to start the day,” he said.

Since then, Winblad has kept his running streak going for a continual 850 days, and in his latest vlog, he reflects on what more than two years of running has done to his mind and body.

“The statement that running every day is bad for you can actually hold some truth to it,” he says. “When I started to run every single day I had already quite a lot over many years, so for somebody starting out running, I would for sure not recommend doing it daily, because running leads to quite high forces to your joints and muscles and tendons.”

“But that in itself doesn’t mean it’s bad for you,” he continues, “it just means you have got to give your body some time to adapt and get strong enough to handle all of those forces. If you do a lot without slowly building up your running volume, it’s really easy to get an overuse injury.”

Even if you are a more experienced runner, Winblad advises against running every single day, as your body needs time to sufficiently recover, and for those broken down fibers to rebuild. But that doesn’t necessarily mean taking a rest day where you do nothing: Winblad prefers active recovery.

“Our bodies recover faster if we stimulate the circulation in our muscles, and this we do simply by using them, so shorter easier workouts will make you recover faster than not moving your body at all,” he says.

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