Unveiling Lockdown’s Top Wellbeing Trends.

Analyzing the Trends: Mind, Body, and Soul in the Pandemic Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in our daily lives, forcing us to adapt to new norms and cope with the distressing situation. As a result, individuals have taken on a renewed focus on their personal wellbeing and health. Whether it is out of genuine self-motivation, desperation, or the lack of alternatives, people are resorting to new wellness trends to promote their physical, mental, and emotional health. This article presents a critical overview of the most significant mind, body, and soul-focused trends that have emerged during the pandemic, as per Google’s analysis of the search trends.

Sleep Better, Reduce Stress

The pandemic-induced stress and anxiety have made it challenging for many individuals to get adequate sleep at night. Hence, one of the major themes that emerged was how to sleep better and switch off the brain. The search for how to sleep better at night surged by 129%, while how to sleep better with anxiety saw an 85% increase. Furthermore, queries such as how to stop overthinking and relax showed a 53% increase. It appears that people are seeking ways to alleviate stress through affirmations and breathwork. The search for words of affirmation and morning affirmations increased by 125% in 2020, while breathing techniques like box breathing and Wim Hof breathing surged by 177% and 311%, respectively.

Fitness at Home

With gyms closing their doors, fitness enthusiasts had to adapt to home workouts. Hence, there was a surge in search for home gym equipment, including exercise bikes, spin bikes, pull-up bars, and resistance bands. Yoga and pilates workouts also gained popularity, given their ease of practice at home. The search for at-home yoga workouts increased by 324%, while the demand for yoga mats rose significantly. Similarly, Pilates workouts gained traction, with the search for Pilates rings surging by 238%. The demand for at-home spa kits increased by 805%, indicating people’s inclination towards self-care and relaxation.

Meditation and Crystals

The pandemic era also witnessed people exploring alternative wellness practices like meditation and crystal healing. The search for morning meditation increased by 52%, while specific meditation practices like Sudarshan Chakra saw a surge of 91%. The search for crystals increased by 49%, with Selenite crystal being the most searched crystal.


The pandemic has led to a significant shift in people’s priorities, with individuals focusing on their health and wellbeing more than ever. The rise of mind, body, and soul-focused trends indicates people’s inclination towards self-care and coping with stress and anxiety. While some of these trends are not entirely new, the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated their adoption. It remains to be seen if these trends will continue beyond the pandemic era, but they are indicative of people’s willingness to explore and experiment with new ways of promoting their overall wellness.