Kew’s ‘Food Forever’ exhibit set for May 21st

Critical Overview

Kew Gardens will be hosting a summer programme in 2022, entitled Food Forever, that explores the impact of our eating habits on the planet. This event will include art installations, film screenings, talks from innovators in the field of food, scientists, and chefs. Furthermore, it will incorporate an exhibition of immersive art from Pip & Pop in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art. This programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable food production and consumption with partner organisations worldwide.

Large-Scale Art Installations The programme includes large-scale art installations that use the medium to highlight the different aspects of modern food consumption or production, including sustainability, future foods, and food security. Visitors will be able to engage with these themes and reflect on what we can do to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. For instance, London Trolls by Danish artist Thomas Dambo is a sculpture that will use mythological figures to narrate a timely tale about humanity’s relationship with nature. The artwork will come to life against the backdrop of Kew Gardens’ UNESCO World Heritage site.

Pip & Pop Pip & Pop, an acclaimed Australian artist, will present an immersive exhibition that focuses on food insecurity and future foods. The exhibition will highlight neglected and underutilised species that can help solve food scarcity issues in the future. Working in collaboration with Kew Science, Pip & Pop will create an installation of a fantasy feast.

Kew’s Science Visitors will be encouraged to learn more about the ongoing work of Kew Science in helping to future-proof food for future generations. Research by Kew scientists and partners all over the world has highlighted plant-based foods of the future including akkoub, the morama bean, and Coffea stenophylla. Crop diversity is essential to feeding the world’s growing population. By learning about the importance of global ecosystem conservation and the need to utilise more climate-resilient and sustainable crops, visitors to Food Forever will be empowered to make positive changes in their day-to-day lives.

Conclusion The Kew Gardens Cookbook, which features over 60 vegetarian recipes from celebrity cooks, chefs and food writers, celebrates the glorious variety of edible plants and the vital work that Kew does to promote and sustain this rich biodiversity. The Nourish programme, hosted by Kew’s wild botanic garden in Sussex, offers an opportunity for visitors to discover more about the impact of our eating habits on the planet. Overall, Food Forever offers a wonderful opportunity to engage with food in a fresh and exciting way while raising awareness of the impact of our eating habits on the planet.