Study reveals downfall of nation’s beloved ketchup

Critical Overview:

The topic of condiments is an interesting one, as it is a reflection of the changing tastes and preferences of consumers. The popularity of certain condiments can be influenced by a variety of factors, including availability, marketing, and changing food trends. In this regard, a recent study by exante has shed light on the changing preferences of consumers in the UK when it comes to condiments. The study has found that the nation currently favours a spicier condiment on their palette than ketchup – sriracha. Furthermore, the study has identified other interesting trends and preferences among UK consumers.

Sriracha – The Nation’s Most Loved Option:

The popularity of sriracha among UK consumers is not surprising, given its unique blend of flavours and its spiciness. Sriracha is made up of chilli peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt, which gives it a distinct flavour that is different from other mainstream condiments like mayo and mustard. The study has found that sriracha has way more of a kick than other condiments, which could be one of the reasons why it is so popular among UK consumers. The popularity of sriracha also seems to vary by region, with the south being bigger fans of the hot sauce, while ketchup, Worcester sauce and mayo remain strong favourites for some cities like Hull, Bolton and Bradford respectively.

Other Popular Condiments:

While sriracha is the most loved option among UK consumers, ketchup remains a close second favourite. The study has also found that wasabi is particularly popular with Londoners, as it was searched for online 327,636 times in the last year by those in the capital alone. This suggests that consumers in different regions have different tastes and preferences when it comes to condiments.

Emerging Trends:

Apart from the top 10 condiments, the study has also identified other condiments that are steadily growing in popularity, such as Swedish lingonberry jam and truffle oil. The former has been put on the radar of Brits thanks to Ikea’s cafeteria, which has been closed on and off for the last year, leading to consumers trying to recreate their famous meatball dish at home. Furthermore, the study has found that salsa is the one condiment that UK consumers are most likely to try to whip up from scratch, followed surprisingly by mayonnaise.


The study by exante has highlighted the changing preferences of UK consumers when it comes to condiments. The popularity of sriracha suggests that UK consumers are developing a taste for spicier condiments, which is consistent with changing food trends. Furthermore, the study has identified other interesting trends and preferences among UK consumers, including the popularity of wasabi in London and the growing popularity of Swedish lingonberry jam and truffle oil. As flavours from different parts of the globe infiltrate mainstream food here in the UK, the longstanding solid favourites like ketchup are getting a little less love, which is an interesting trend to watch in the future.