EastEnders 2021 Preview: 12 Spoilers to Watch For

The beloved British soap opera EastEnders had a highly eventful Christmas with some shocking revelations, unexpected romance, a murder, and some blasts from the past, setting the stage for a highly-anticipated 2021. The executive producer, Jon Sen, gave 12 teasers about the upcoming storylines.

Sharon Beale’s Master Plan Sharon Beale plots her revenge against Ian Beale after orchestrating an attack that left him in critical condition. While she faces the consequences of her actions, her scheming continues as she seeks to avenge her son’s death.

Mick Carter’s Demons Mick Carter is trying to rebuild his life and his marriage to Linda after confronting his abuser, Katy Lewis. A familiar face on Albert Square will help him on his journey, but Katy will stop at nothing to keep the truth from coming out.

Gray Atkins’ Double Homicide Gray Atkins killed Mick’s beloved sister, Tina, and now has two murders to cover up. Everyone is asking when he’ll get caught, but the executive producer remains tight-lipped.

Tiff and Keegan’s Future After wisely backing out of a surrogacy deal with the Highways, young couple Tiff and Keegan are still going strong despite being penniless. They move into No. 25 with Dotty Cotton, and chaos ensues.

Ruby Allen’s Web of Lies After giving up on her quest for revenge, Ruby Allen gets caught up in her own lies, potentially pushing away her new husband, Martin Fowler. There are some exciting storylines coming up for Ruby and Stacey Fowler.

Stacey Fowler’s Departure Stacey and Ruby’s rivalry intensifies in the new year. However, with Lacey Turner expecting her second child, Stacey will be temporarily written out of the show. There might be something in store for her and Max Branning.

Max Branning’s Epic Exit Jake Wood, who portrays Max Branning, shot his last scenes just before Christmas, and his character should be on screen until February. The door will be left open, but Max’s exit will be dramatic after 15 years on the show.

Lola Pearce’s New Love Lola Pearce is moving on with a new local, Isaac Baptiste, after failed relationships with Jay and Peter Beale.

Jay and Honey’s Hookup Jay Brown and Honey Mitchell’s hookup is causing heartache for Billy Mitchell, who is loyal to Jay. The executive producer teased a few surprising romantic pairings.

Callum Highway’s Duplicity Callum Highway, torn between his loyalty to his boyfriend, Ben, and the boys in blue, faces another test of loyalties.

Lucas Johnson’s Return Lucas Johnson’s return rattles Denise Fox, and his presence is set to cause more chaos on Albert Square.

Conclusion EastEnders promises an exciting 2021 with a lot of drama, secrets, and surprises in store for the characters on Albert Square.