Actress Thandie Newton Reportedly Removed from Magic Mike 3 Cast, Sparks Debate on Hollywood’s Gender and Age Bias

Critical Overview:

Thandiwe Newton, the 49-year-old actress, was recently spotted kissing Lonr., a 25-year-old musician, in Malibu, California. This comes after reports of her split from her husband, Ol Parker, surfaced in the media. The couple had been together for 24 years and share three children. Thandiwe and Lonr. were seen casually dressed, holding hands and engaging in public displays of affection. Pictures obtained by MailOnline show the actress leaning into Lonr. for a smooch, while he held shopping bags.

The speculation about the couple’s split arose when it was announced that Thandiwe had pulled out of her role in Magic Mike 3 due to “family matters” and was replaced by Salma Hayek. Neither Thandiwe nor Ol Parker have commented on the rumors about their split. However, Thandiwe shared a cryptic post to Instagram before deleting it. The post featured vintage lingerie with the words, “I wonder why we take from our women. Why we rape our women? Do we hate our women?” These lyrics are from Tupac Shakur’s song Keep Ya Head Up, while the lingerie is part of Zoe Buckman’s Every Curve exhibit.

The media has been closely following the couple’s relationship status, and there have been rumors about the reasons behind their split. Lonr. has denied any involvement in the breakup and emphasized his concern for the welfare of Thandiwe and Ol’s children. Thandiwe and Lonr.’s age difference has also been a subject of discussion in the media.

Thandiwe’s split from Ol Parker after a long-term relationship has garnered attention and sparked debates about the reasons behind it. The public’s interest in celebrity relationships reflects society’s fascination with celebrity culture, which often places them under a microscope.

Thandiwe’s relationship with Lonr. has raised questions about ageism and gender roles in relationships. The media’s portrayal of older women in relationships with younger men has often been subject to criticism, and this case is no different. The portrayal of women in the media and popular culture has been a subject of academic research, with studies highlighting the negative impact of such representations.


Thandiwe Newton’s split from her husband after 24 years together has been widely discussed in the media. The speculation surrounding their breakup, coupled with Thandiwe’s relationship with Lonr., has drawn public attention. While the reasons behind their split remain unclear, the media has been quick to draw conclusions and offer opinions. The public’s fascination with celebrity culture and relationships has put Thandiwe and Ol’s personal lives under the microscope. Thandiwe’s relationship with Lonr. has sparked debates about ageism and gender roles in relationships, highlighting the need for a critical examination of the media’s portrayal of women.