Pat Boone Faces Backlash for Criticizing America’s Image in the Midst of Political Turmoil and Social Unrest

The Immoral Turn in Hollywood: A Critical Overview

Pat Boone, an 87-year-old actor who stars in a new faith-based film called The Mulligan, has criticized modern movies and television for their lack of morals. Boone nostalgically recalls the golden age of Hollywood when movies presented America in its best light, and righteous people did good things while criminals were apprehended and punished. Boone believes that modern films are “immoral” because they glorify lawbreakers, who are becoming bigger than the heroes. Moreover, Boone points out that some of the most celebrated films show people getting away with the worst things.

The current state of Hollywood

According to Boone, high ratings have become more important today, and profit has taken precedence over altruism. He argues that modern films present people in the worst light, and society celebrates it. Boone specifically targets Netflix’s adult animation series Big Mouth, which premiered in 2017 and follows Andrew, a nerdy child going through puberty, as an example of Hollywood’s immoral content. Big Mouth features sexual content, and Boone considers it unfit for children. He questions how parents can think an animated show featuring oral sex and maturation is suitable for their children.

Boone’s decision-making process

Boone reveals that he once turned down a role alongside Marilyn Monroe in the 20th Century Fox studio because he found the story immoral. The story is about a younger college student who has an affair with a slightly over-the-hill cabaret performer played by Monroe, who breaks his heart and leaves him. Boone, who had millions of teenage fans at the time, believed that the story would send the wrong message to his young audience, suggesting it is okay to have an illicit affair. Boone refused the role, even when the head of 20th Century Fox threatened to suspend him. His decision not to star in the movie was based on his teacher’s moral lesson that it is always right to do right and wrong to do wrong.


Boone believes that the film industry is committing suicide because Hollywood is losing its meaning. Hollywood is no longer portraying America in its best light, and the image of America is being destroyed. Boone’s form of entertainment has made him who he is, and he is not willing to change that now. Boone’s decision not to participate in the role alongside Monroe shows that Hollywood can make ethical movies that portray the best values of society. Boone’s view is that Hollywood should return to this and leave behind the current trend towards immoral content.